TextMetrics elideWidth is not working propertly on Android

  • I created a component with Text and TextInput and I wanted to elide the text of TextInput using TextMetrics however, it didn't work because I am getting 0 width from its parent.

    PS: this only happened in Android, while in iOS it is working fine.

    Item {
      id: comp
      implicitWidth: parent.width
      RowLayout {
         anchors { left: parent.left; right: parent.right }
         Text {
            id: label
          ColumnLayout {
             Layout.fillWidth: true
             TextInput {
                id: input
                Layout.fillWidth: true
                Layout.preferredWidth: implicitWidth - 2
              TextMetrics {
                 elideWidth: input.width - 10
               Rectangle {
                 id: recLine
                 Layout.fillWidth: true
                 height: 3  

    My problem is eliding of text didn't work because the input.width returns 0.

    Any advise how to get the dynamic width of the textInput to set it TextMetrics elideWidth?
    Is there a way that the TextMetrics will be created only after the TextInput?


    *** I tried explicitly set the elideWidth, it turned out that the TextInput.width - 10 is still longer than the textinput width, that is why it didn't elide the text. How did it happened?
    However in iOS, TextInput.width - 10 is already enough to elide the text.

  • Hi, after exerting few more hours, I was able to resolved the issue by setting font.pointSize into TextMetrics.

    It appears that the elideWidth on Android needs to explicitly set font.pointSize unlike in iOS.

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