Unreal Engine and Qt

  • Hi,

    Maybe you heard about Unreal Engine which is an amazing tool to develop a 3D Game.
    You can use blueprints or C++ to make what you do. It has its own classes.
    For example, it has FString. How manage it with QString ?
    The question now is how it would be possible to use Qt in the development ?

    You can find the documentation here:
    link text

    You get the sources of the engine on GitHub.

    Using VS 2015, what would be the different steps ?

    I recently developed a software using Qt, Qt Designer and VS2015.
    The idea would to rewrite the UI (buttons, radio buttons, tabs ...) using Unreal Engine. For example a button could be replaced by a 3D Model on which you push ... The same but in 3D !

    Many thanks for your help.

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