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libtins library usage

  • hi,

    can any one help me out on how to get the pdu type using the library libtins
    ie like is it tcp,udp or igmp or icmp ...

    by giving these statements

    const IP ip = some_pdu.rfind_pdu<IP>();
    std::cout << "pdu type:" << ip.pdu_type()<< std::endl;

    where pdu type is of enumerated datatype

    i get the output in the form of numbers.......

    how do we get an enumerated datatype in string format?

    thank you

    ~ Locked as not Qt Related ~ VRonin

    1. Not Qt related
    2. You don't. if the enum is declared with Q_ENUM then moc will generate the string versions that qDebug() prints out but in general you can't

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