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"Failed to launch zygote process" with Qt examples

  • Hi,

    I recompiled Qt from source using 5.7 branch.
    Every thing compile and install just fine.
    Every examples run correctly (even those with openGL or GUI) but none from the webengine or webenginewidgets.
    The webengine is a key element for my personal project.

    The error is:

    [1102/] Check failed: process.IsValid(). Failed to launch zygote process
    #0 0x007f80febf18 <unknown>
    #1 0x007f81000f24 <unknown>
    #2 0x007f80462f44 <unknown>
    #3 0x007f804d1e64 <unknown>
    #4 0x007f80318ef0 <unknown>
    #5 0x007f7f7d738c <unknown>
    #6 0x007f7f7d845c <unknown>
    #7 0x007f7f77f988 QtWebEngineCore::BrowserContextAdapter::defaultContext()
    #8 0x007f84d09c6c QQuickWebEngineProfile::defaultProfile()

    Do you have any idea of I could solve this ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Zygote is the Android app launcher. are you using an android build? what is your system?

  • No, I'm on an Ubuntu with an ARM 64 processor.

  • I have this error too. How fix this?

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