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Unintuitive behavior when trying to use QPushButtons default feature

  • I have designed a custom QWidget with some QPushButtons on it which I'm using as sort of a dialog window, so I'd like to be able to let the user enter things and then hit enter to click what I define as the default button. It doesn't work however and I can reproduce some pretty weird and counter-intuitive behavior in QtDesigner alone:

    I created an empty widget, pulled over a QPushButton and connected its clicked signal to the widget's close slot. Previewing the widget, everything works fine and as expected. I can also add a second button, everything still works fine. If I now put a layout on the widget, the default feature won't work anymore, meaning I can't hit enter to close the widget anymore. If I now remove the 2nd button but keep the default button in the widget layout, it goes back to working again. Wtf


    • no layout, 1 default button: works
    • no layout, 2 buttons (exactly 1 default button): works
    • any layout, 1 default button: works
    • any layout, multiple buttons (exactly 1 default): doesn't work

    Can anyone else reproduce this or - even better - tell me what's going on?

  • Hi! This works only with widgets that inherit from QDialog.

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