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Communication between Qt c++ app and CS Visual studio app

  • Hello everybody,

    I would like make a small software which is base on 2 different parts: an interface for the user, and in the background an OPC Client.

    I realized the interface on Qt, and I realized the OPC Client in C# on Visual Studio. I wanted make it all on Qt in C++, but following some libraries conflict I am fully stuck on this way. (I clearly failled to make an opc client on Qt).
    In result of that I am starting to look another option which sounds easier: divide my software in 2 applications, one will be the interface and the OPC Client will run indepently. Then my opc client and my interface will have to communicate together. The interface will send request to the OPC client and the opc client will answer to the interface. Thoses messages should be some strings.

    Therefore the question, is which protocol do you advise me to use to create this kind of communication?

  • just the normal stin and stdout with QProcess should be good. Alternatively you cold translate your C# code in C++/CLI (it's quite easy) and intregate everything into the same application. Of course it will still need .Net framework to run

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