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  • Hi,

    Actually i have installed the latest version of Qt ie 5.7 and i cannot compile any project using the qt community creator not even the examples given in the application,After a long time i figured out that this is due to the variation observed in the environment setup,The include,libs,windowsdk's etc which has to be included automatically is not seen i had to enter these fields manually and only after that the project started working

    now the important problem is that for every new project created these fields must be added in the environment setup,so is there an option to set the project properties fixed so that we dont have to change it for every new one...
    thanks in advance.............

  • @Nisha

    Sounds something went wrong during the installation process.

    You should post an error message describing what teh problem is. Otherwise it is hard to give any advice.

  • Hi,

    Did u dowmload from the link of qt.io


    And check during the installation process did it actually installed properly.
    And qt project settings , you are trying to configure the respective kit right ( either for desktop or android for their environments)?.

    Once qt creator is installed and the desktop kit will be configured, so later you can use for development of application, if not manually you can configure the respective kit, once you select and click APPLY , it will be reflecting in the Qt creator options.

    As i said once it is configured no need to configure once again,
    For every projects.

    As @koahnig said can you provide the screenshot.


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