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Visual Studio 2010 integration bugs

  • I have found at least two major bugs in Qt VS integration (I use VC2010):

    1. When generated from .pro file, .vcxproj contains paths to moc.exe like _(QTDIR) instead of $(QTDIR), therefore VC can't find moc.exe
    2. The generated .vcxproj contains QtVersion only for one architecture (the last used). So if project was generated with x64, I can not build it for Win32 until I change QtVersion_x0020_x64 to QtVersion_x0020_Win32 in .vcxproj file using text editor (VC or integration does not recognize both those properties present at the same time, so I have to change property name each time I change architecture).

    These 2 bugs impede work seriously.

  • I don't see a question in your post. This is a community forum, where people try to help other people. If yiz just want to report a bug, please file a bug report in "JIRA": .

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