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Qt Creator - External Tools : Obtain the value of a variable in .pro file

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    I am writing a tool to work with Qt Creator. I would like to register it as an external tools. And it need two arguments to run: 1) Current editing file 2) The value of QML_IMPORT_PATH defined in pro/pri files. But I can't find a way to pass QML_IMPORT_PATH to external tools. Any suggestion for this problem?

    Thanks for any advise.

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    Finally I can not find a direct way to pass QML_IMPORT_PATH via External Tools interface. Instead, I write the value to a file and tell my tools where to find the files.

     write_file(qmlimport.path, QML_IMPORT_PATH)

    Then setup external tool:

    Executable : The path to the executable
    Arguments: %{CurrentDocument:FilePath} %{CurrentProject:Path}/qmlimport.path


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