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Qt Creator project does not remember window/files layout.

  • Hello.

    I can't seem to find the way to make Qt Creator to remember the project layout. I have to re-open all needed files and do screen-split every time I re-open the project. Is there a way to make it remember it ? I have my workspace set-up like this for example:

    alt text

    But if I close the editor and open it again, I have to re-setup this layout every time.

    alt text

    Visual Studio had that thing, where it remembered the layout. Am I missing some option in the editor ?


  • Moderators

    Qt Creator uses sessions. If you don't explicitly specify a session a default one is used. Next time you open Qt Creator don't open a project again. Restore a session instead. It will keep the layout from your last run.

    You can restore a session by clicking it from a list on the welcome screen or with "switch to" in File->Session Manager.
    You can use multiple sessions with different settings and layout.

  • @Chris-Kawa Thank you very very much! That is Exactly what I needed. Very helpful.

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