QtableView and QDataWidgetMapper question!

  • I have a bit peculiar case where i have an abstract item model attached to table view as well data mapper to several text fields. The problem is, I have 6 fields to map, 3 of the should be visible only in the table view while the rest only in the text fields (custom form) via QDataWidgetMapper.

    Regardless what I have tried either the one or the other get broken and it seems impossible to achieve it.

    So is it possible in general to have only some columns visible in the table view, while the reset get mapped to custom form via the mapper? I tried even defining two separate abstract models, but still no luck :(

  • I've never had this issue. Could you provide more details? In what way does it break? What version of Qt? What platform?


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  • ahhh yes :) that did it. Somehow I assumed it must be influenced through the model. Thanks alot.

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