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Failed to build on Windows from source, qt5widgets.dll is missing.

  • Hi,
    I am trying to build Qt 5.6.1-1 from source (zip, not git) on Windows 7, VS 2010.
    Here is the 'configure' command i use:
    configure -commercial -confirm-license -debug -nomake tests -prefix F:\Some\Folder
    I use the jom tool to compile (zip binares packaje, extracted to C:\JOM). Command - 'jom' with no options.

    At some point of the build, i get the pop-up error message with title "idc.exe" and message "The program can't start because qt5widgets.dll is missing from your computer. .....".
    I didnt see this message while compiling using nmake, but i may missed it in the output - nmake

    Am i misiing some instalation or configuration before compiling Qt from source?

  • Moderators

    Your build steps look OK. Could you paste the name of zip file you used for Qt sources? I'm mainly interested in whether it were full combined Qt sources or not.

    A great guide for compiling from source can be found on Wiki.

  • @sierdzio

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    Yep, it's correct package. And Qt 5.6 should still compile with MSVC 2010. So unless we are hitting some path problems (for example: make sure F:\Some\Folder does not contain spaces), I have no idea.

    Some googling reveals that idc.exe has something to do with ActiveQt, and that disabling build of examples might help. See here (this is not the same error or use case, but might be related):

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