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Qt bluetooth Hands free / Headset / Audio gateway

  • i would like to make a Qt application in linux(bluez5.37) which can be connected to the android phone by Handfree profile.
    Where android phone whill be Hands free Audio Gateway (HFAG) and linux will be Hands free unit (HF) .
    I'm using a service Discovery funnction in full discovery mode and could able to find this HFAG in android phone and tries to connect . but after 5 seconds the connection is broken with the following error
    (( qt.bluetooth.bluez: void QBluetoothSocketPrivate::_q_readNotify() 17 error: -1 "Connection reset by peer" ))

    i have enable Qt logging bluetooth true for more logs

    Target scan for {0000111f-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb}
    qt.bluetooth.bluez: Discovered services "C0:EE:FB:D1:17:3B" "Handsfree Gateway" 8000-00805f9b34fb}")
    qt.bluetooth: FOUND SERVICE!
    (0) uint 65540
    (1) Sequence
    (1) uuid2 111f
    (1) uuid2 1203
    (4) Sequence
    (4) Sequence
    (4) uuid2 0100
    (4) Sequence
    (4) uuid2 0003
    (4) int 3
    (5) Sequence
    (5) uuid2 1002
    (9) Sequence
    (9) Sequence
    (9) uuid2 111e
    (9) int 262
    (256) string Handsfree Gateway
    (769) int 1
    (785) int 39

    qt.bluetooth: Socket discovery finished
    connected !! "device name"
    qt.bluetooth.bluez: void QBluetoothSocketPrivate::_q_readNotify() 16 error: -1 "

    i heard the SCO channel is not enabled in the Qt bluetooth , as per i know it is required for the audio transmission for the HFAG profile.

    ![alt text](0_1477372717683_upload-7c3c8ff5-5d44-436b-b929-60393484fe5d image url)
    Source :Bluegiga Technologies Oy

    how can i handle this audio part from the Qt bluetooth (linux )
    Any help would be appreciated , thanks in advance.

  • I have the same problem, did you solve it?

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