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Deployment on Windows - app runs but doesn't show

  • Windows 7, Qt 5.7.0 mingw. I'm trying to deploy a qml app for Windows, using the windeployqt. So far I have succeeded to start the app so that it runs without complaining about missing dll's or anything. These are the first lines of the cpp code:

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        std::cout << "MAIN has started" << std::endl << std::flush;
        qDebug() << "MAIN has started";
        qSetMessagePattern("%{function} %{line}: %{message}");
        Tools* tools = new Tools();
        QGuiApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling, Tools::getUiScaling());
    std::cout << "app will be created"<< std::endl << std::flush;
        QApplication* app = new QApplication(argc, argv);
        QQmlApplicationEngine* engine = new QQmlApplicationEngine();
        QQmlContext* ctx = engine->rootContext();
        Connection* conn = new Connection();
        ProfileData* data = new ProfileData(ctx, conn);
        Monitoring* monitoring = new Monitoring(conn);
    std::cout << "app classes were created"<< std::endl << std::flush;
        ctx->setContextProperty("qApplication", app);
        ctx->setContextProperty("profileData", data);
        ctx->setContextProperty("connection", conn);
        ctx->setContextProperty("tools", tools);
        ctx->setContextProperty("monitoringData", monitoring);
        std::cout << "appengine will be created"<< std::endl << std::flush;
        qDebug() << "EXECUTE APP";
        std::cout << "app will be executed"<< std::endl << std::flush;
        int exitcode = app->exec(); // 1 means "restart"
        qDebug() << "APP WAS EXECUTED";

    and this is the output when I start the app from the (cygwin) command line:

    MAIN has started
    app will be created
    app classes were created
    appengine will be created
    app will be executed

    Then nothing else happens; the application is still running, but it doesn't use CPU or do anything else. If I run it from QtCreator it behaves normally, first it prints

    MAIN has startedMAIN has started

    as expected and then works fine (opens a window etc.). This fine working .exe I have copied to a new directory where I run

    windeployqt.exe  --qmldir ../projectsrc/ ./

    I just have to copy some non-qt .dll's from the Qt's bin directory manually. But even copying all of the .dll's from bin/ doesn't help.

    These are the directories created by windeployqt: bearer/ iconengines/ imageformats/ Material/ platforms/ private/ qml/ qmltooling/ Qt/ QtGraphicalEffects/ QtQml/ QtQuick.2/ QtQuick/ translations/ Universal/. I think it should be all that's needed, I don't use any plugins or fancy extra.

  • I finally found out the reason. I started the .exe from QtCreator as an external app and the debuggin message told that module QtQuick.Controls is not installed. Windeployqt.exe didn't deploy the necessary files, I don't know why. It was solved by manually copying 5.7\mingw53_32\qml\QtQuick\Controls\ to the target QtQuick\Controls.

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