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  • Hi,

    Every time i run a project, i've got this error :

    Error 10 (object not found) in function enum EResult __thiscall SysAudioHook::CMMDeviceClient::EraseAudioClientInVector(struct IAudioClient *)

    This error appears when i run a project and every time i call a QMessageBox.


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    Does it also say this for a clean default Qt application project?

  • Yes (i forget to mention it).

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    Never seen before. :)
    How did you install Qt ?
    what platform and version is this?

  • I used the online installer, i'm runnig Qt 5.6 on Win7.

    The weirdest thing is that i never seen this error before. I'm working on a project for about 5 month and one day (apparently for no reason) the error appeared.

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    Ok. that is pretty normal setup :) Also used for long time before "upgrading" to win 10.
    Google never seen it either!?

    Can it be a windows update or something external to Qt?

    Maybe VS runtime files ?

    Update: Just text searched Qt source
    and there seem no place with such error.

  • @mrjj
    I did some research on Google but haven't found any related informations.

    I also thought about windows update but i haven't updated windows.
    I have an available update, i'll do it when i have time and post a feedback here.

    This is not disturbing but it's really frustrating to have an error every time i run a project ^^

  • A wild guess: Qt opens a platform message dialog which is bind in Windows settings to play a sound. In Win7 I can open the settings by clicking the panel speaker icon or from control panel/personalization or control panel/sound. Maybe disabling some sound there helps (although it doesn't remove the underlying problem).

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    Not a totally crazy guess :)

    I forgot to ask. How is this error displayed?
    In the Application Output or where do u see it?

  • @mrjj
    Yes the error displays in the app output.
    I updated my windows but nothing changed.

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    best part is that I can find zero information about it. Found some old hp logs that has the names but other than that
    its not really common as most windows errors are normally are. ?

    I mean why is "EraseAudioClientInVector" not mentioned in any Windows Forum etc ?
    Only ref is from some game from steam.

    It might be related to .NET.

    Im afraid i have zero ideas to try except reinstall windows 7.

    You could maybe for test, go to Device Manager and disable the sound card.
    Just to see if it is change anything.

  • @mrjj
    I tried what you said and i've got a new error instead :

    Error 3 (cannot open object) in function enum EResult thiscall SysAudioHook::CMMDeviceClient::PropertyStoreGetValue_Hook(struct HINSTANCE *)

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    Ok so its 100% surely related to sound.

    Since this is also for clean projects
    its not in your code and
    I can't find anything in Qt souce related to this so
    Im out of ideas. :(

    This is the only sign of something wrong?
    All other programs run fine and sounds works fine and
    Windows is just overall super happy?

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    I'm in the guesses realm here: did you install any windows update recently that might have triggered this?

    Can you try restoring (using System Restore) windows to before the error occurred?

  • @mrjj
    Everything is all right with my computer. The only little problem is that i can't download new windows update.

    I'll try with an external soundcard or i'll try to update my audio driver but I don't have too much hope ^^

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    @Zoptune said in Error message:

    The only little problem is that i can't download new windows update

    it just fails or you just can't (not have admin password for example)?

  • @VRonin
    Hi, no windows update since a long time.
    I have disabled automatic windows restore point so i can't restore the system.

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    Ok, besides a full reinstall , you could try a repair

    Note. Backup critical data.

  • Hi, googling that error message seems it's connected to a Kraken or Razer soundcard, if you have something like that, try reinstalling the driver for it.

  • @hskoglund
    That's right, i've got a Razer Kraken 7.1 !

    The problem could appear when i bought a new computer. I had multiple problem using one account on different computers (Skype, Razer Synapse, Steam, ...).
    I'll try to unistall Razer Synapse :)


    EDIT : can you give me the link where you find this pls ? I haven't found anything using google.

  • It is related to Razer Kraken 7.1, I have one and I have the same error messages.
    Does this bug needs to be transferred to Razer or is this coming from Qt?

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