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Functions are not supported in a Qt Quick UI form

  • Hi:

    I have a simple Qt Quick application, slightly modified from the template generated by Creator 3.6 to integrate C++ access via a singleton object.

    I invoke C++ from QML to set the text of a button as follows:
    Button {
    id: button1
    text: data_provider.get("button_text")

    This syntax gets underlined red in Creator, and I get the following error message when trying to open the qml file with design:
    "Cannot open this QML document because of an error in the QML file:
    Functions are not supported in a Qt Quick UI form. (M222)"

    Meanwhile, my application seems to run properly (i.e. the C++ function call works just fine and I can properly set the text of the button at run time). The error is very annoying as I basically cannot use Creator to work in the Design window.

    What is this due to? And how to fix it?

    I also updated to Creator 4.1 and it does the same as 3.6.


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    Qt Quick UI Form is supposed to be a QML file with only visible element. No business logic should be present.

    When you create a Qt Quick UI Form by Qt Creator. It will create two files.

    1. YourItemForm.ui.qml
    2. YourItem.qml <--- You should write the logic here.



    YourItemForm {
      button1 {
        text: data_provider.get("button_text")


    Item {
      property alias button1 : button1 
      Button {
        id: button1

    p.s You don't need to setup the alias by your self. You may use GUI to do so.

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