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How to sort TreeView Items using QSortFilterProxyModel based on a Combobox selection

  • I have a TreeView in my app. I limit the displayed rows using a class which is inherited from QSortFilterProxyModel. I also need to sort the items in the TreeView based on selectedIndex of a combobox.
    What I did so far is:

    • When the selected Index of the combo box changes, I will call a function in the class inherited from QSortFilterProxyModel which calls sort(0) function.

    • In the class inherited from QSortFilterProxyModel, I have overridden the lessThan function and implemented my logic based on the current selection in the ComboBox

    The problem is, the sorting does not always happen. When I run the app, and I choose an item in the combobox, the tree items get sorted correctly. But if I select another item in the combobox, the Tree will not get updated. The lessThan function will get called, though!

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