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Missing some files

  • Hello all,

    I'm new in qt(about 10 days of programming). I have a problem with some files.I'm using gentoo.I When I try to include <QTcpSocket> to open tcp socket it says: No such fail or directory. I've tried to reinstall the packages with full options but still nothing :(
    Also I try to work with data bases and I have read that for postgres I should include "qsql_psql.cpp" , but I don't know where is this located.Any help is appreciated.
    Best regards .

  • May be some more details (e.g. on platform and tools you are using) would be helpful.

  • I’m using "Gentoo":'ve installed qt as package from gentoo server with full use options (the packages have use list and after the first time I've tried with default use list and it didn't happen I've installed qt with all use options and still nothing)

  • For the QTcpSocket include, did you add this to your .pro file?

    QT += network

    The qsql_psql.cpp is provided with the source code of Qt itself, usually in /path-to-your-qt-sources/src/sql/drivers/psql/qsql_psql.cpp

    For gentoo, you might have to add an appropriate option to the emerge call in order to enable the driver. I do not remember exactly how I did it some years ago.

  • Thank you very much :) I didn't saw the description of the network module where is written to be added to the pro file option for the network.

    Greetings and have nice day :)

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