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Accessing to USB Data Pins (D+ and D-) directly

  • Hi everybody,
    I just want to know if there is a way that you can get access to data pins (d+ and d-)from USB connection from the computer. So, I could to set a voltage of 2 V between them, or for example read the voltage between them too. Excuse me for my ignorance.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

  • No, but you can get a USB <-> parallel port adapter for about 10 €.

  • And how it could solve my problem?

  • From your first posting I assumed that you need some GPIO on your PC and that's what a parallel port is for. But maybe I was wrong, so what is it you actually want to do?

  • Well, my ideal idea was to connect an IR-RECEIVER and get its output reading the real time status (HIGH or LOW) of its pins to get an IR frame. (reading D+ and D-)
    Or for example to send IR Frames to an IR-LED. (IR= infrared). (writing D+ and D-)
    I was looking for the direct access of the D+ and D- because I thought than then the IR-Sensor would be so much simple (without UARTS and USB-protocols, etc), just connecting the right pins of the IR RECEIVER to the correct USB data pin.
    It was like using USB data pins like Digital Inputs from an Arduino for example.
    Thank you.

  • As you mentioned the Arduino, I guess you have access to soldering equipment and electronic components. You can of course build your own USB IR transceiver then, but not by simply attaching two IR LEDs to your USB port. Linux Infrared Remote Control has some schematics that might be of interest for you.

  • Of course this is an option.
    I just wondering if it was possible to have direct acces to Data Pins to an easier implementation. I understand that's not possible so.

    Thank you very much!

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