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qt5webenginecore captures application exceptions

  • Hello
    we have a Qt widget based application. Since we have migrated our qwebkit base components to qwebengine we notice some odds when the application is crashing.
    Very often the last frame on the stack after a crash points to qwebengine core.
    It seems that the underlying chromium captures various exceptions in situations where the application should crash.
    I would accept this behavior if the crashing code is using qwebengine. But in our case this happens for arbitrary code even not using Qt.

    I have forced an out of memory exception. The last frame on the stack in this case was i.e.
    Qt5WebEngineCore.dll!base::`anonymous namespace'::OnNoMemory(unsigned __int64 __formal) Line 23 C++

    Mostly our crash dumps point to
    [f:\qtwebengine\src\3rdparty\chromium\content\app\ @ 29]

    void PureCall() {

    Is there any way to tell qwebengine to not handle those exceptions?

  • Hello Sebastian,

    I am seeing the same problem. The last frame on the stack after a crash points to qwebengine core

    qt5\qtwebengine\src\3rdparty\chromium\base\process\ @ 41 but its actually capturing various other exceptions from our application.

    Were you able to solve the problem?