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Flickering effect in ScrollView

  • Hi,

    I have a ListView inside a ScrollView and the contents of the listview are dynamically created. The listview has texboxes, radio buttons and combobox which is decided by the model (QAbstractListModel) 's value at the backend.

    There is no issue while scrolling the view using mouse buttons, but when I scroll the view using finger (Flicking), I could see at the center of the view there is a flickering effect, the view is not scrolled smoothly, instead the textbox lables are having a flickering or waving effect. Anyone has idea how to avoid this behaviour ?

    For your info, the listview has already been set by a property boundsbehaviour: Flickable.StopAtBounds

  • @AbuFahima What kind of text boxes do you use?

  • maybe more cache buffer will helpful

  • Hi All,

    My issue is resolved. I got a hint from one of the website, ( can't recollect the URL now ), that the root cause of the issue is due to painted width. Instead of giving a fixed width for textbox labels, I gave painted width. So when the scroll is flicked, the rendering took time and hence the waving effect. After I changed the painted width to actual width, the waving effect is gone. Thanks guys for your suggestions.

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