Full-screen window for QtCreator editor?

  • I am not sure if it is the right place to post feature request, but I did not find appropriate forum to do so.
    Very often, working in QtCreator, I find a need to make my editor window "full screen", i.e close all output panes, projects, model selector etc. I can't find the way to do so with one keystroke, and as suggested to me here, to accomplish this I need to modify Qt Creator source code.
    I really think that such a feature is badly needed and should be easily done by "core" QtCreator development team. Somehow I feel that it is such a commonplace feature in other editors that the lack of it hurts the tool.
    Alternatively, if such keystroke exists, I'll really like to know what is it.

  • @toran
    I am not aware of a key stroke doing what you are requesting.
    The right place to ask for such a feature would be JIRA .

    You might want to check whether someone is already asking for such a feature.
    After placing a task there, you should publish a linmk to the task here. This helps others to vote for the and raise on the list of features.
    Anything reported and asked here may not end up on the development list, since the forum is not checked for such reports.

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    What is wrong with this one ?
    and then press alt+0 and its just the code area.

  • This does not exactly work (I did that before and doulble-check in the latest release) the way I think it should. The problem is that a)"output panes" windows are still open (Issues, Application Output etc). b)it is not a single keystroke combination, although I could live with this if it could work by closing/restoring all currently opened windows except editor.

    Would not it be nice if pressing some key combination all currently opened windows except the editor are hidden and, by pressing this combination again, the window setup is restored!

  • Hi, one trick you can try: press ESC to close those Output/Compiler Msgs/Help windows.

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    Ah, its more like a "no panels" single key
    toggle mode you are after.
    Sorry. I saw mostly Full screen.

    You can use
    Open in new window + Full screen
    for something alike.

    Else open a request and see if people vote for it.
    Its first time i have seen it mentioned in forum so
    might not be something most people use.

  • @hskoglund: Yes! Thank you! That did the trick. I had no idea that ESC closes these windows. Thanks again.

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