Text File as a 'user interface' for QT GUI

  • Hi guys,

    In Qt, we have known about Input Widgets such as QSpinBox, QSlider, QScrollBar,QSpinBox, etc.

    There are also Displaying Widgets such as QLCDNumber and QProgressBar.

    As we are changing the value of the Input Widget, we can show the resulting values using the Displaying Widgets. In other words, the input widgets are controlling the value of displaying widgets

    All the process above is after the QT program has been built.


    Can I use a 'Text File' to control the Displaying Widget? In other words, I insert a value... let say, "45" inside the notepad and save it as txt inside the resource file. After the QT program has built, the LCDNumber will display number "45", or the ProgressBar will display the position of 45%.

    Thanks for your assist, guys!

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