Can't start C++ GUI project

  • I'm new on Qt , anyway when i start new project i've only :
    alt text
    when i look for some tut i found they have an c++ gui option that i don't have, why ?

  • Hi!

    i don't have, why ?

    Probably because the tutorial is outdated. Choose "Qt Widgets Application", that will give you a C++ GUI project.

  • @MrLibya I forgot to say "welcome to the forum", so: Welcome to our forum :-) Once your problem is solved, please mark the thread as solved; Hitchhiker's Visual Guide to the Qt Forum shows how it's done.

  • If you want to create classic Qt GUI application you should choose Qt Widgets Application. Or, if you are familiar with web front-end development ( particularly, JavaScript and JSON), then Qt Quick Application. In my personal opinion the latter is more preferable because it is easier, more flexible and based on W3C standarts.

    P.S. Reference Qt documentation is gorgeous, consider to use it instead of doubtful tutorials.

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