Web application C++ server and React JS face

  • Hi, I have a http serber written with C++ and I want to work with it with single web-page application. Is React js suitable for this purpose or what solution suits best?

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    Why not just test it out? if easy and fast to get up and running, that could give it +1 in terms of being suited for
    a 1 page web app. :)

  • @mrjj becasuse I am not a web app developer and I want to be sure if i look fook for a web app developer

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    ok fair enough. Maybe you get lucky and somebody knows React js.

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    It depends on what you need to do with your application. It might be overkill to put in place.

  • @SGaist what wxactly do you mean? )
    I need the web face which takes data from server.
    In my case this is data from database hwhich is to be processed by web faced and saved back + realtime collaboration.

  • Majority of the asked say that they do not recommentd to use C++ as http server. But I do not understand why?
    What better features have Node or Go or other frameworks which C++ liibs do not have ( I say about Poco, facebook proxygen, Qt)?

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    Likely because most of the web sites are powered either by apache2 or nginx or a combination of both which are pretty well established for that kind of task. The new kid on the block being node.js.

    The questions you should ask yourselves is:

    • What do you want to show to your users ? (table, basic editor etc.)
    • How do you want to manipulate your data ?

    There are currently several frameworks that could be used from basics to pretty complex and advanced.

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  • (I'm not a web developer, but work with them, so take this as an opinion, not proper advice)

    The realtime collaboration you mention probably requires running javascript on the browser. It probably also means running things with web sockets.
    Socket libraries exist for a wide variety of platforms (Qt has them too), but as the frontend needs javascript, it might be easiest to use the same language all around.

    On the other hand, if you already have a web server in C++, extending that with web sockets shouldn't be too hard with a suitable library. That just leaves the browser end.

    So it comes down to the usual two questions:

    • What language do you want to do this in (especially if it is not work, where you might have the language selected for you)
    • Are you happy supporting your selection for the lifetime of the project

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