Fast Painting region by region

  • I need to paint on my widget region by region and I want to get some suggestion on how to do so in the most efficient way possible. I have a video playing by my custom player, let's say at a rate around 5fps to 30 fps. On top of the display I have another widget I use as overlay, which receive information about each 16x16 blocks of pixels. For each of this block I need to apply a transparent color and vector.

    Right now I have the following method called inside paint event:

    void OverlayDrawer::drawVectors(QPainter painter){
    int x,y;
    int vx,vy;
    QLineF line1,line2,line3;
    QVector<QLineF> arraylines;

    float ratiox = 1;//((float)width())/defaultSize.width();  don't mind this, it is just in case of resizing
    float ratioy = 1;//((float)height())/defaultSize.height();
    float arrowsize = 3.0f*(ratiox+ratioy)/2;
    QListIterator<BLOCK*> mbIterator(pictureInformation.blockList()); // get list of block info
        blk =;
        x = blk->X();
        y = blk->Y();
        vx = blk->vectorX();
        vy = blk->vectorY();
        // cellsize = 16x16 when the screen is not resized
       // I also draw the rectagle (not displayed here), that's why there is a QrectF
         QRectF rect(x*cellsize.width(),y*cellsize.height(),cellsize.width(),cellsize.height()); 
         makeArrow(QPointF( +vx*ratiox  ,*ratioy),

    if (!qFuzzyCompare(line1.length(), qreal(0.))){

    I want to optimize this as much as possible. I already thought about computing (makeArrow())all the arrows at construction, and only creating the appropriate ones by translation. But I want to know the BEST TOOL in the framework for this kind of task. Is it openGL, some function I didn't notice? etc.. etc..

  • For those who might be interested I figured out a simple way :

    • Drawing outside the paint event in a picture with alpha enabled

    • Painting the picture on top of the video. Which means before displaying the actual video, I paint the overlay image on the video image. Now I dropped superposition of child widgets and everything.

    The advantage is that I can create the overlay while the application is busy doing some other things.

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