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Which is bestui architecture to develop app in Qt?

  • Hi,

    I have list of UI architecture, but I confused which one is suitable for develop app in Qt? In my app multi-thread will be used, my app related to Video Monitoring System, so Player will be there, synchronization will be there, controls are there. So Please guide to choose UI Architecture.

    I have small list of UI Architecture

    1. Model View Controller
    2. Hierarchical model–view–controller
    3. Model View Presenter
    4. Presentation Abstraction Control
    5. VisualWorks Application Model
    6. Humble View
    7. Drupal
    8. Model View ViewModel
    9. Model View Control ViewModel
    10. Model View (Qt Default)

  • Hi there,

    I have some experience in software development (about 30+ years or so), and never ever was your question leading...

    First choose what devices your app should be running on
    Then decide if your app has enough "reusable" things to even start thinking about models
    If not, don't use any model at all! It will only cost you more time. Don't let the "hype" trick you!

    However, if ur app is supposed to work on several different devices, and the output of your app may be in different kinds of forms, THEN, and only THEN, start thinking about how to generalize the view of ur app to the different kinds of users...

    And also ofcourse, If you plan to make many apps, some parts may be common. And Yes, in that case you start worying about reusability.

    But NEVER!!!
    Worry about UI, before u have thought about ur app first:

    • What it should do

    • How it should do it

    What UI should be the LAST of ur problems...

    Now, having sayd that, there is always "Prototyping" to engage the end users in the look and feel of the app in as early a stage as possible of course, but it NEVER should be leading to a change of architecture.