How to build stand-alone applications for embedded device?

  • Hello, my question could sound just a yes/no answer but I really went through different discussions and did not find a clear explanation, so excuse me if my topic is just a clarification.

    My goal is to develop with Qt (developing on host linux 64 bit) stand-alone applications that could run on an embedded device (mainly embedded linux on arm architectures) . I need then to setup correctly my Qt distro on Linux.

    Also, my idea is that I need to download qt-everywhere-opensource to build Qt from source and give the configure script options to build properly the Qt tool. These options for me would be:

    "-static" (needed to build statically linked (stand-alone) apps that will not need dll to run on the embedded device)
    "-embedded" [architecture] to target the specific device.

    After that, I would simply have to develop on Qt the application and compile it with the cross-compiler (selected by properly setting a kit in QtCreator).

    My question is then: is this the right way?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @CBenussi

    You may need an additional compiler for embedded devices.

    This assumes that you can use a standard distro for developing on your desktop

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