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How to assign the Qlist as model for ListView?

  • Hi,

    I read the values from XML file and store it in the object, and the object stored in the Qlist.This mentioned coded in HomeController.cpp. Now I want to now, how to assign the Qlist to Listview in qml?


    struct PortalMapItemInfo {
    QString pstrTitle;
    QString pstrItemId;
    QString pstrDescription;
    QString pstrCreated;
    class HomeController : public QObject
    Q_INVOKABLE bool eveReadXML();


    void HomeController::eveReadXML()
    //Read the xml Value and load it the object of the class
    PortalMapItemInfo obj;
    obj.pstrTitle = strTitle;
    obj.pstrItemId = strItemId;
    obj.pstrDescription = strDescription;
    obj.pstrCreated = strCreated;
    QList<PortalMapItemInfo> datalist;
    datalist << obj; //Values are properly binded.


    ListView {
    id: idListView
    anchors {
    left: parent.left
    leftMargin: 10 * scaleFactor
    right: parent.right
    rightMargin: 10 * scaleFactor
    top: rectangleToolBar.bottom
    topMargin: 10 * scaleFactor
    bottomMargin: 10 * scaleFactor
    // model:???????????????????????????
    delegate: comsearchDelegate
    spacing: 10 * scaleFactor
    clip: true
    Component {
    id: comsearchDelegate
    Row {
    spacing: 10 * scaleFactor
    Image {
    id: imageItem
    width: 100 * scaleFactor
    height: 70 * scaleFactor
    source: thumbnailUrl
    Column {
    Layout.alignment: Qt.AlignTop
    Text { text: title; font { pixelSize: 14 * scaleFactor; bold: true } }

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  • The easy way:
    get rid of PortalMapItemInfo, store the values in 4 different QStringList and use a QStringListModel

    The proper way:
    in HomeController.h add Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(PortalMapItemInfo)

    Instead of a List store your data in a 1-column QStandardItemModel and expose it via a Q_PRPERTY

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