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qwebchannel on network

  • Hello, i try all example of QT 5.7.0 on qwebchannel. The examples run correctly with default configuration on the same PC, (
    if (!server.listen(QHostAddress::LocalHost, 12345)) {
    qFatal("Failed to open web socket server.");
    return 1;
    but when i try to use a client on another PC in the network (connecting at ip of server), and use the server on the correct ipaddress of server, i obtain an error on client in js
    js: WebSocket connection to 'ws://' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
    js: web channel error: [object Event]
    js: web channel closed
    Someone can help me?

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    @e.capasso said in qwebchannel on network:
    Is a firewall installed on the server machine?

  • No firewall! no Antivirus! i try hercules_3-2-8.exe for server tcp it run on connect of client but after it go in timeout because not receive info expected on connection.

  • I solved....
    i am using Cesium Server on MachineA, and i open Cesium on Chromium Browser on MachineB.
    Js of Cesium in which i create a webchanel to exchange message with standalone exe (qt Webchannel example) must be on the same directory on Machine A.
    index.html on Machine B (Web Server on Machine A) refer to correct address and port on Machine A and found server qwebchannel on correct location.

    The post can be closed .

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