Q 4.8.6 - Model/view: how to update a full column inside a QTreeView / model

  • Assuming I am displaying a QFileSystemModel inside a QTreeView with an intermediate QSortFilterProxyModel (select only my files for example). In particular, one column is displaying the last modified date of each file.
    Now for one reason or another I know that many of the underlying files are going to be modified in batch (no renaming, just an update of the content or the date of last modification).
    I like to say that the date of modifications of all the files have been updated.
    However, I do not really want to trigger a full refresh nor to emit a dataChanged(QModelIndex, QModelIndex) signal for each individual file (or each folder).
    What is the recommended solution in such a case?

  • Hi!

    Why not emit the dataChanged-Signal after finishing your batch-modify-routine?
    Normally I would expect that every change will be emitted, but if you are not writing a new file browser, you may just limit it until your batch has been finished.

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