Problem with designing a form

  • Hi guys,

    I'm reading the book C++ GUI Programming with Qt-4 second edition. On page 48 of that book, the author wants us to design a form using the Designer tool. I made it this way:

    alt text

    On that page, the item no. 6 says this:
    Click the form to deselect any selected widgets, then click Form|Lay Out in a Grid. Now drag the form's bottom-right
    corner up and left to make the form as small as it will go. The form should now match Figure 2.13 (b).

    I do this. But when moving it to up and left to make it as small as possible, one of the vertical spacers (the one below the Cancel button) will go to size zero (and vanishes) and the second one (the one between the first and the second group boxes) will become a blue line with no height! This way:

    alt text

    It's not the same as the Figure 2.13 b in the book!

    Where did I make mistakes please?

  • Hi! That's ok. The sizes of the buttons etc depend on the OS and the screenshots for the book were taken on Linux. It's totally normal (and on purpose) that your GUI looks different on a different platform.

  • Thank you very much. :)

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