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Python 3.5 + QT designer+ PyQT4

  • Hi everyone :)
    This is my first post here :)
    I create a main program called tyg. This is a Form with button. Also i created second program V1 and form called V1( Ui_V1). I would see this Form ( from V1) after when i click the button in program 'tyg'. I do everything from this anwser http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27567208/how-do-i-open-sub-window-after-i-click-on-button-on-main-screen-in-pyqt4
    but when i compile i get an error called

    'Ui_V1' object has no attribute 'show'

    This is a part of code from tyg.py

    from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui
    from V1 import Ui_V1
    #V1_v1 program
    class Ui_V1(object):
        def setupUi(self, V1):
            V1.setObjectName(_fromUtf8("V1")) etc
    #MAIN WINDOW_tyg program
    class Ui_Form(object):
        def setupUi(self, Form): etc
         self.pushButton_5.clicked.connect(lambda: self.openV1())
    def openV1(self):

    Where is the problem?

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