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[solved] How to remove Qt 4 SDK!

  • Well, Few hours ago I was asking how to install it. Then after asking how to remove it. As While installing it. It has came up with different errors like

    and while I am trying to run command qmake -project. It says it's not available. so, What Can I do?
    Should I remove Qt 4 or Is there any other way to make Qt run as per developer need. I am a newbie that's why need your help guys?
    Please help :)

  • Ok .. Before you try to remove it, try few things

    Where are you running qmake from?? It does not work if you run it from system command prompt.

    Start => All Programs => Qt SDK => Desktop

    Here you will find command prompts.. open and cd to your project and run qmake.

    Basically when you open a command prompt which is in Desktop, it runs a small bat file which sets all the paths necessary for qt to build a project. These paths are as per Qt Nokia SDK 1.1.2, if you have some other version, you should be able to find a command prompt like "Qt 4.7.3 for Desktop ( with mvs 2008) " ect.

  • Hey thanks for the reply but I am using Ubuntu 11.04 not Microsoft. Well, In Ubuntu when I go to Applications>Programming
    There is only three options that are Qt creator, Qt Maintenance tool & Qt Update tool.

    can you please help me now? What can I do to resolve this problem.

  • In the SDK maintenance tool there is an option to uninstall ("Remove All Components).

  • Thanx got you :)

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