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QDateTimeEdit with date *and* time picker

  • Hi,

    I want to create a DateTimeEdit with a popup that contains both, a date picker and a time picker (as shown in the image below or in this live example).
    alt text

    I have read the docs of QDateTimeEdit and QCalendarWidget and also read parts of QDateTimeEdit's source code, but I am still not sure what would be the best approach to implement this (in PyQt5, but I guess whether I do it in Python or C++ is not too important for the general approach).

    The internal QCalendarPopup class already seems to have a layout component that could, in theory, contain a calendar widget as well as a "TimeSelectionWidget". However, I have no idea how to extend it in a clean way.


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    i haven't tried it but it should be possible:

    QDateTimeEdit* dt = new QDateTimeEdit;
    QWidget* popup = dt->calendarWidget()->window();
    QListView* timeList = new QListView;
    //init timeList widget
    QWidget* container = new QWidget;
    // set the layout and add the "calendar widget" and "timeList" widgets (and buttosn) to your needs
    QVBoxLayout *popupLayout = qobject_cast<QVBoxLayout*>(popup->layout());
    QLayoutItem *item;
     while( (item = popupLayout ->takeAt(0)) )
             delete item;
    popupLayout->addWidget( container );

    Also you need to make sure to select the time (in the time list view) whenever the datetime changes.

  • @raven-worx Thank you very much!

    I already got a minimal example working. I'll post a complete example once everything works well. :)

  • I made some progress and the new widgets looks quite good (not perfect, though):

    The problem with resizing and spacing everything correclty is, that I can't access all of the calendar widget's privates stuff.

    This also leads to problems with signals/slots. By default, the calendar popup sets the DateTimeEdit's date and closes, if I click on the month calendar. However, I only want to to set the Date/Time and close the Window when I click on the Done button, so that I can select a Date, an Hour and Minute. Therefore, I need to disconnect the original signals, but they are not accessible, too.

    I don't really want to write my own CalendarWidget-clone just to do these minor modifications. What else could I do?

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    Did you try implementing mousePress and not call base class?
    You can maybe eat the mouse event that triggers the signal to be sent and
    that way remove the popup.

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    @Stefan-Scherfke said in QDateTimeEdit with date *and* time picker:

    What else could I do?


    1. install an event Filter on the popup widget (window) and intercept the CloseEvent and call ignore() on it and return true in the event-filter
    2. call blockSignals(true) on all widgets which shouldn't trigger signals