Ubico usb tokens are not supported in QWebEngineProcess

  • Hello!
    Recently I tryed to implement a simple QML-based browsing application and on the fist devtesting came across a following problem - there is a way of 2Fa in Google, called USB-Token. Google Chrome, same as chromium are able to work with this kind of second step of authorization, unlike other browsers, like IE, Opera, etc.. I tryed to login to my account with USB Token from Yubico and got this kind of error:
    alt text
    In english error text is kind of "Unexpected error occured.".
    This case is quite important for my application, so i would be very greatfull for any advice. Can anybody tell, how to handle this error, or what should i do instead?
    I'm using Qt5.7 and QtWebEngine1.3.

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