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Qt3D: scale3D a point light

  • I try to scale3D a QML PointLight entity with the componetns PointLight and Transform
    i set the scale3D propery of the transform component of the entity, but the light is not transformed.
    when i give the light a material and a mesh component, then i see that the mesh is transformed, but not the light.

    Maybe someone has an idea, how i can have a spotlight, that is not a circle, i would like to have an ellipse.

  • I assume: A point light is geometrically a point, so that it does not have a size, or rather size "zero". And scaling 0 stays 0. It's not a light globe or bulb sort of object.

  • Ok thst is a good argument, but how can i transform scale or manipulate the light? Sometimes i dont want to have a circle (spot or point) maybe i want a light that looks like a elipse, you have any idea?

  • Hi,
    you can simulate it with a selection of point lights or implement your own shader like here:

    You can google for extended light source or area light and see what you get. Qt3D does not have it of-the-shelf, at least AFAIK.

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