QMessageBox And EvaluateJavascript function in QWebView

  • Dear All,
    I am facing one strange issue. I am loading around 6-7 external JavaScript files using function:


    I am using For loop for loading each JS file one by one, when each file is loaded, i am using

    QMessageBox exec() 

    to show that this particular file is loaded successfully and once everything is done i am using Load function to show the HTML.
    Problem comes when i remove all the Message Box. When no message box appears then proper loading of JS file not done. it seems it is incomplete and web page is not rendered. By placing MessageBox it seems some time is given to the Web View to load JS. And once all the Message Box are removed then no time is given to the WebView and HTML is loaded immediately without loading the JS files.

    Kindly guide me how to proceed, I am struck at this last position.


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