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Opengl Examples not installed with my QT SDK Kit for some reason its making me go beyond crazy!

  • hello im quite a novice in coding i know abit about C++ Code for example i know the difference between void and public functions but i also know abit about OpenGL like the OpenGL Context but i dont understand why when i get a great gui framework such as QT and it doesnt even come with the OpenGl examples it claims to have am i missing something very simply or am i just being stupid iv been at this hour and i cant even think of any reason to keep using QT if it cant even simplyly allow me to write some QT binding OpenGL Code please i need help this is my future we are talking about here :(

  • my pc has opengl installed i check it through OPENGL CAP its doesnt work with tessalations tho as far as im aware i also have a nice computer spec so i dont think its hardware based problems

  • Welcome to devnet.

    Could you tell us on which operating system you are and how did you install Qt?

  • windows 7 32bit and used the qt web installer thingy! :)

    edit: Windows 7 32bit and used the QT web installer :)

  • And how did you install Qt? Using a binary or compiling yourself? What installation instructions did you follow?

    Edit : if you change your initial post , please use edit like i did here. Otherwise the topic will be difficult for others to follow.

  • i used QT's standard setup procedure binary the one that was with the hole kit in it and i followed the binary setup using the next buttons until it reached finish <3 the technical way of saying it lol

  • Ok, if you want to use the examples in that case, then you use Qt Creator's welcome screen and pick the example you want from te combobox there!
    Compile and you should be up and running.

  • i did all that :) it didnt show up and thats the big situwation here is the fact that when i want to try out the opengl examples to see everything about it that it doesn't show up on the welcome screen examples list which is very strange in my honest opinion

    edit : any ideas?
    edit : i would hope there some way of fixing this :)

  • The other way arround is to go to your qtsdk install directory and go to the examples directory. There you should find a map called 'examples' look in there to find the examles you want which you can compile yourself.

    In case you don't find them : did you use custom and selected the examples while installing. If you're not sure, you can go to the help menu in Qt Creator and use the updater to get them.

  • Updater thats exactly what im doing now hoping that after this long download :P that it will have it all in the examples list funny thing is its inside the examples folder so i wonder if its just a update situwation they should put up that you need to update to get access to the examples easily ill see if this update works and then ill get back too you on it i would assume that would have fixed it thanks

    edit : not shore about any custom selections on installations im afraid

  • In the past there was qtdemo compiled with Qt all along. This was really easy to look into the examples. Since the use of the sdk, you have to compile qtdemo yourself or get to an example as i explained and compile one by one.

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