Cross-compiling errors linking my own library

  • Hi,
    I cross-compiled qt5.7 with gcc4.7 linaro toolchain with no problems (I compiled many examples and all work)
    After that I compiled my own library and all is ok, but when I tried to compile a project that links my library I got these errors:

    /home/alex/sources/main.cpp:54:error: undefined reference to `typeinfo for mynamespace::myException'
    /home/alex/sources/main.cpp:54:error: undefined reference to `mynamespace::myException::~myException()'
    /home/alex/raspberry/sysroot/usr/lib/ error: undefined reference to `vtable for mynamespace::myException'
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

    This is my .pro

    CONFIG      +=  debug_and_release
    QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -std=c++11
    QT  -= gui
    QT  += dbus
    SOURCES     += src/main.cpp \
    HEADERS     += include/wd.h
    LIBS        +=  -lmylib
    INCLUDEPATH += include
    DEPENDPATH  += /home/alex/raspberry/sysroot/usr/lib
    OBJECTS_DIR = obj
    MOC_DIR     = moc
    DESTDIR     = bin
    TARGET  =   wd
    build_pass:CONFIG(debug, debug|release) {
        TARGET = $$join(TARGET,,,_debug)
    target.path = /home/pi/dev/wd
    INSTALLS += target

    I think the problem is that the compiler doesn't find include files (that are in sysroot/usr/include) and the library (that is in sysroot/usr/lib).
    I also controlled the compilation command in Qt Creator and it seems to be right.

    How can I set properly the project to link my shared library? And if I have to link another third party library (like mosquitto)?

    Thanks in advance

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    Maybe a silly question but are you sure that your custom library is built for the right architecture ?

  • Yes, I cross-compiled the library with without problems. I also deployed the lib on the raspberry and test it with a little software compiled directly on raspberry. All works great.

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    Then, are you sure that the library itself is found when linking your Qt application ?

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    • Did you export myException in your library?
    • Can qmake find your library? try adding LIBS += -L"/home/alex/raspberry/sysroot/usr/lib"

  • The problem was because the cross-compilation is done with gcc4.7, that doesn't have full c++11 support, but the test compilation on the raspberry whit gcc4.9.

    Because of this I changed the declaration of the destructor mynamespace::myException::~myException() adding "noexcept".

    namespace mynamespace {
        class myException : public std::exception
                myException( std::string whatHappened );
                virtual ~myException() noexcept;
                virtual const char* what() const throw();
                std::string _whatHappened;
                static const std::string EXCEPTION_NAME;

    In .cpp the descructor was implemented but gcc4.7 want an inline implementation, so adding this to .h file and compiling all works.

               virtual ~myException() noexcept {};

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