Macdeployqt does not find plugin in a static build

  • I'd like to create a Mac application with statically linked libraries. I built a static version of Qt from sources. All compiles and linkes well. However, macdeployqt complains that it cannot find libqcocoa.dylib in the plugins directory as there's only a static library libqcocoa.a available in the build. How can I:
    1: make sure that plugins are included as static libs, OR
    2: create dylibs for the plugins in a static build

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    macdeployqt is used to grab the dynamic dependencies of your application, however, AFAIK, it's not tailored for use with a static build of Qt since it's not the philosophy followed on macOS. I mean globally, that's nothing Qt specific.

    By the way, why are you running macdeployqt if your application links only to static dependencies ?

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