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Visual Studio 2012 No Generated Files being Created

  • New installation for Visual Studio 2012.
    Downloaded 5.5.1 for msvc2012 and installed.
    Downloaded qt-vs-addin-1.2.5.exe and installed.
    The Qt5 Menu comes up in VS. Pointed Qt Options to the 5.5/msvc2012 folder and generated a test project.
    Will not compile. It cannot find a ui_projectname.h file.
    I see the file listed listed under Generated Files in the project list, but when I build neither that file or the moc_ or qrc_ files are built.
    Also, clicking on the project.ui file just says 'cannot start Designer'.

    What install hunk am I missing?

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    It does sounds right, but also sounds like moc not being run.

    Can you check again this and see if u spot anything

  • I saw I had loaded qt addin 1.2.5, so I uninstalled and loaded the 1.2.2 that you had listed. It still seems to not be able to find the bin, lib and include dirs.

    I had first installed the main download from the download page - this just gave me 5.6 and 5.7 for VS2015 only. First try to build gave me a 'incompatible version' error. So I found and downloaded the 32 bit 5.5.1 VS2012 version and pointed QT Options in VS to that folder. It is on an outside drive O:. I did not uninstall the 5.6 and 5.7 versions from the initial download.

    I just created a new project, but same result - can't find ui_ file (it doesn't get built) and I can't run the QTDesigner.
    But I can run Designer manually from the VS 2012 Tools folder.

    I am running on Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I have VS2005, 2008, 2010, 2012
    What should I try?


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