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unable to build a example program (Echo Plugin Example ) in qt

  • am trying to build the (Echo Plugin Example) program in qt , but unable to build the file ,
    i think there is problem with my pro file , but don't know how can i fix this .


    this example contains this files i created all .cpp and .h file in a required folder with the help of example

    but confused to do qmake so did qmake at (tools/echoplugin ) this path , and a error is showing when i tries to build the file
    1>plugin\echoplugin.h(15): error : Undefined interface

    please help me to get out from this

    i think there is a problem with qmake , i observed in example there are 3 .pro files
    but am generating 1 .pro file at (tools/echoplugin ) this path

    (sorry for my english), any help is appreciated.

  • @srikanth

    You should open tools/echoplugin/ pro file

  • @Ratzz that file is looks like this when i qmake it

    TEMPLATE = app
    TARGET =
    DEPENDPATH += . echowindow plugin


    HEADERS += echowindow/echointerface.h
    SOURCES += echowindow/echowindow.cpp echowindow/main.cpp plugin/echoplugin.cpp

    but actually in example file this is be like this

    TEMPLATE = subdirs
    SUBDIRS = echowindow

    and i didn't have the remaining two . pro files how can i build this example file please help me

  • Here is the exact same zip file (entire sample )

  • @Ratzz but where can i build that file ,
    according to my understand ,we have to do two things to build the program
    1, qmake -project ( to generate .pro file)
    2,qmake -t vcapp ( to create a project on visual studio)

    now i need to know where i have to use this command qmake -t vcapp

  • How are you building your project? Qt Creator ?
    There is a .pro file already?

  • @Ratzz yeah already there is a .pro file , bu my question is how can i combine all the 2 projects

    am doing like this in echowindow folder am doing like this qmake -t vcapp

    and in plugin folder qmake -t vclib

    and in echoplugin folder qmake -t vcapp
    after doing this now struck here , what can i do now

  • go in tools/echoplugin call qmake (no arguments) then call nmake (if you use MSVC compiler) that will build everything.

    The TEMPLATE = subdirs will take care of building all the subprojects

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