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Make Install puts Files in wrong path

  • Hi there,

    i compiled qt-4.7.3 on my own to add mysql support. (win 7/mingw) But i ran in a little trouble.
    First i installed QtSDK on my Drive e:, after that i downloaded qt-everywhere-src and put it in d:\qtsrc, running configure and mingw32-make i noticed i dont have enough space on D: left. So i copied all the files to e:\qtsrc. Because i want to replace the qt version in the sdk i ran configure like that:

    configure -plugin-sql-mysql -shared -prefix e:\qtsdk\desktop\qt\4.7.3\mingw -nomake demos -opensource -confirm-license -nomake examples -no-qt3support -I D:\MySQL\include -L D:\MySQL\lib -l libmysql


    waiting several hours Qt compiled nicely. After running QtCreator, it told me that Qt isnt installed proberly and i should run make install .... i did -> mingw32-make install

    Now i got the problem that this puts all the files in d:\qtsrc .....

    Question ... how can i tell "mingw32-make install" ... to put the files in the correct QtSDk dir .....

    Thanks in advance

  • AFAIK the configure script on Windows does not have the -prefix option. Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

    When you moved the source directory, maybe some old configuration files stayed in place. Try to clean (distclean) the source directory and run the configure script again.

    Question: Why do you need to overwrite the QtSDK libraries? You can configure Qt Creator to use your own Qt build (tools->options->qt4->add button)

  • Thanks for your answer, i know that i can configure my own Libs, but i want to save space ... i dont need the Libs without mysql anymore, so why hold them ?

  • hi Nala

    I am not completely understanding your problem, but it may be similar to another.
    You might want to have a look to that thread respectively to "this reply":
    Hope that this gives you some hints.

  • Thank you! I decided to delete all and download the source again and receompile it ...
    But it may could have helped ... i ll give it a try next time :D

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