How to configure debug and release builds?

  • Hi,

    currently I am using Visual Studio 2013 as a compiler and Qt Creator 4.1 as an IDE. I've spotted differences in my math project depending whether I am using debug build or release build. So now I am trying to find an option in Qt Creator which is responsible for passing parameters to VS compiler.

    In Projects / Build Settings I see the configurations for debug and release but I don't see the exact parameters that are passed to MSVC2013. Could someone explain me how can I see what are the exact parameters passed to compiler and how can I change them? For example how to turn on or off the optimization or how to change floating point model?

    Just for your information, I've tried to find this information in Qt's manual, for example here:

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hi, you can wrote in your .pro file

    Qt Creator passed CONFIG+=debug to qmake and in the Makefile you can see the /DEBUG flag.

    For turning off optimization add in your .pro file:


  • Thank you,

    so analogically, if I would want to add another parameter I would do:

    QMAKE_CXXFLAGS_RELEASE += fp:precise

    Is that correct?

  • Ok, I've found that the results are stored in files Makefile.Release, Makefile.Debug and everything is explained here.