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Debugging an ARM (STM32) Microcontroller using Qt Creator

  • I have been working with [STM32 series ARM microcontrollers](l on IAR Embedded Workbench for a while. For some reasons, now I need to move my works to Qt-Creator (both on Windows and Linux). In IAR EWARM, things are simpler: I've never had to deal with linker scripts or startup files, just open an IAR EWARM project template from ST's Peripheral Library release and with some simple adjustments, it's ready. Anyway, I tried to create a new project for STM32F4 on Qt but I faced with various problems.

    Is there anybody that can explain this process clearly, step-by-step? With the related makefile, linker script, startup and system files if possible.

    Note: Actually, I have a bunch of specific questions about the issue, but since I think that an explanation of the whole process may be helpful for me as well as other embedded newbies, I decided to ask the question this way.

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