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gstreamer videosink in QML

  • I am using QT 5.2.1 with gstreaemr 1.2.4 on nVidia jetson TX1 embedded board.

    I want to preview v4l2 camera preview on QML Window.

    I tried qt-gstreamer example which uses VideoSurface to preview gstreamer pipeline video output.
    But as my camera output is UYVY i need to first convert in to I420 to able to preview on videosurface. But theres some problem of color conversion so i am getting Reddish preview. If i try to convert it to RGB color is ok but the preview is sluggish.

    you can find my code in below link. In this code i have used videotestsrc instead of v4l2src but the preview is same for both sources.

    But is there any other way to use any other gstreamer videosink element like xvimagesink or other like below in my QML window.
    qt5videosink: qt5videosink: Qt video sink
    qt5videosink: qt5glvideosink: Qt GL video sink
    qt5videosink: qwidget5videosink: QWidget video sink
    qt5videosink: qtquick2videosink: QtQuick2 video sink

    like using QGst::VideoOverlay::setWindowHandle() of QML video element or something like this?