Default QOpenGLWidget 2d surfaces on Android and Ubuntu machines

  • Hi,
    I found some sample code online for creating drawing in 2d using qt and openGL . I modified the code so I can test it in my projects. It compiles and works fine on my Ubuntu Linux, but won't display on my android . By looking into the matter a bit , I found some info online that says I should run full screen opengl on the android. Later in the article it describes using QOpenGLWidget ,and states that it should not be used in a QWidget hierarchy .Does anyone here know of any good code examples/samples. I know we got many talented individuals here at the qtcenter, has anyone encountered anything that deploys code using QOpenGLWidget on an android ?? (Samsung Galaxy 10 inch tablets ,etc) .

  • Well, I am a good 2000 pages into finding the answer ...

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