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How to open a .txt file directly by clicking on a label

  • Hi all,
    maybe this is a stupid issue, but I've been searching the solution on Internet since two hours and now I'm fed up and I ask to you.

    I have a Qlabel. When I click it (by using the slot linkActivated I suppose) I want to directly open a .txt file in my PC.

    Is this doable? Who can help me? Please let me know the proper instructions.

  • Yes you can do this with QDesktopServices::openUrl.

  • @cfdev

    Hi, Thank you for reply.
    Could you be more precise? Have you got an example ?

    How can I set the label, link, url, QDesktopService, and so on... ?

    Thank you ;)

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    QLabel* label = new QLabel("<a href=\"file:///path/to/my/local/file\">Any text or file path</a>");
    connect( label, SIGNAL(linkActivated(QString)), this, SLOT(onLabelLinkClicked(QString)) );
    void onLabelLinkClicked(const QString & link)
          QUrl url = QUrl::fromUserInput(link);
          if( url.isValid() )

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