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What is better? connect in constructor vs. "Go to slot..." in Qt Creator

  • Hello,
    just a quick question.
    E.g. i have a form created in Qt Creator that contains some QPushButtons, QCheckboxes etc.
    Personally i prefer to use connect inside the constructor to connect signals to slots.
    (especially to connect multiple objects to one slot in a loop and use sender() to get the source of signal).

    I know that i also can be done in Qt Creator by right click on e.g. a QPushButton and use "Go to slot...".
    (this method is prefered by a colleague)

    Everyone has its own style of writing code, but are there any advantages or disadvantages
    for "using connect in constructor" vs. "Use Go to slot... from Qt Creator".


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    Hi and welcome,

    Of course it doesn't matter for the compiler. It doesn't care if the code is generated or written by hand.

    The only differences are for style and maintenance:

    • "Go to slot"
      + ease of use (especially if you come from other languages with visual ui designers)
      + less code in c++ i.e. less "connect text walls".
      - enforces certain slot naming convention that might not match your own
      - susceptible to rename bugs i.e. you rename an object and the code still compiles but silently stops connecting
      - harder to find i.e. you can't just search for "connect", you need to know the name

    • manual connects
      + avoids the problems of "go to slot"
      - more boilerplate code to write

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